8-K Earnings Press Release Parsing

Calcbench parses numeric data from 8-K earnings releases.
We process every earnings release PRNewsWire, BusinessWire, and GlobeNewWire publish.  In general the data from us will be available minutes after it hits the wire.
The quantity/quality of the data extracted from the release varies.  We attempt to match the html tables with XBRL tables from the 10-K to associate each line in the press release table with a line in the table from income statement.
Attached is a spreadsheet with the data extracted from Pier 1's press release published by the wire at 4:15 on October 3rd 2018.  Calcbench published the data a few seconds after 4:16:38.  https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20181003005740/en/Pier-1-Imports-Reports-Quarter-Fiscal-2019/
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