The Calcbench Excel Add-In is causing my Excel to crash

If uninstalling the Add-In through your computer's Control Panel does not work, you can manually uninstall it using Excel's Safe Mode.

  1. Click the Start button at the lower-left of your screen. Windows displays the Start menu.
  2. Within the Search Programs and Files box at the bottom of the Start menu—enter the following:
     excel.exe /s

This will start Excel in safe mode. Now you can disable the Add-In, by going to File -> Options -> Add-Ins.
At the botom of the screen, choose Manage 'Excel Add-Ins' and hit go. Now you can deselect the Calcbench Excel Add-In.
Then you will need to go to the add-ins page a second time, and choose Manage 'COM Add-Ins', and again deselect the Calcbench Excel Add-In.

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