Search the notes to a company’s financial statements

Calcbench’s Footnotes Query Tool eliminates unnecessary reading and exhaustive searches. Simply select which list of companies you want to search (i.e. Whole universe, industry sector, peer groups, etc.), then period type and the specific period. Next, choose disclosure type from the drop down menu, or if you would like a specific table, input the disclosure title into “disclosure table type”. If you need to be more specific, try the “search text” field. Input what you would like to search for. Expand or narrow your search by using query syntax. Put quotation marks around word groups to specifically search for those groupings. Place an * after a word to search for other words based off of the root word (test* will search for tests, tester, tested, etc). Replacing a letter with a ? will make that letter interchangeable (te?t will search for text or test). Inserting a ~ after a word will search for words that are similar (foam and roams).  

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