What is the difference between “As reported” data and “Standardized Metrics”?

When you are researching a company, it is often desirable to look at data unadjusted, exactly as the company reported it. This way you are sure you are getting the picture straight form the company. On Calcbench, you can use our Company in Detail page to always get data exactly ‘as reported’ by the firm, or export as reported financial statements directly into Excel, using our Excel Add-In.

However, when you are screening, or researching multiple companies at once, it is necessary to standardize items for comparability. This might mean summing up individual line items to get a revenue total, for example. We do this for you, and offer a large number of standardized metrics for both the primary financials and the footnotes. You can easily access these on our Multi-Company page, or by using ‘=CalcbenchData()’ formulas in our Excel Add-in.

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    How can I get "as-reported" data in the Excel Add-in?

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