Quarterly Numbers by XBRL tag from the Statement of Cash Flows

The statement of cashflows is presented cumulatively, Q1, 1H (the sum of the first two quarters), 3QCUM (the sum of the first three quarters), Y (the total for the year).  Hence it is not possible to retrieve quarterly numbers using the XBRL tag formula for the second, third, and forth quarter.   =CalcbenchXBRLTagFiscalPeriod("NetCashProvidedByUsedInOperatingActivities", "SYMC", 2017, "Q2") does not work.

But we can do the subtraction to calculate the numbers.  For instance the get the second quarter number we subtract the first quarter from the first half number, =CalcbenchXBRLTagFiscalPeriod("NetCashProvidedByUsedInOperatingActivities", "SYMC", 2017, "1H")-CalcbenchXBRLTagFiscalPeriod("NetCashProvidedByUsedInOperatingActivities", "SYMC", 2017, "Q1").   For the third quarter number we subtract the first half from the 3QCUM, =CalcbenchXBRLTagFiscalPeriod("NetCashProvidedByUsedInOperatingActivities", "SYMC", 2017, "3QCUM")-CalcbenchXBRLTagFiscalPeriod("NetCashProvidedByUsedInOperatingActivities", "SYMC", 2017, "1H").  For the forth quarter we subtract the sum of the first three quarters from the annual sum, =CalcbenchXBRLTagFiscalPeriod("NetCashProvidedByUsedInOperatingActivities", "SYMC", 2017, "Y")-CalcbenchXBRLTagFiscalPeriod("NetCashProvidedByUsedInOperatingActivities", "SYMC", 2017, "3QCUM") 

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